As part of JMJ – EA for a Day it became a natural progression that I would take this one step further and create the next phase of business, The VA Project. As a result , it would need to have its own identity. So when I decided to have a new logo created there was no doubt who I was going to go to.

I wanted a logo that was different, that said just by looking at it exactly what it was about, and something that could be organised and dealt with online.  Simple, I was heading to 99designs. From beginning to end the whole process took less than a week, with everything being done on line, no sitting in traffic racing to meetings, or endless phone calls.  It could not have been any easier.

Here is I how worked with incredible designers to pick the winning design. My brief was pretty simple.  “Take these words and make them a logo“. I am not a designer so I really had no idea what I wanted, but I knew as soon as I saw it, that it would be the one I was after. So after logging in online at 99 Designs. I choose the type of contest I wanted, filled in the design brief and clicked post.  It was perfect, all over and done within 10 minutes.  All that remained was to check out the designs as they happened.

Over all there were 31 designers who submitted 105 entries.  Some designs I ruled out immediately but others had potential.  I was really excited every day to check the process to see what they were coming up with. I soon decided on my favourite designers and then worked with the final two designers to tweak the designs I liked. Dealing with the designers themselves was great, I would leave a comment or ask a question right there on the site and I didn’t have to wait long at all for a response.  Pure professionalism.

To me, my choice of winning logo said it all, it was perfect, but what would others think, did the logo really convey the message I wanted people to get by looking it at?  So, I ran a poll which was already set up on the site, all I needed to do was click the button to run it. I sent it to friends, clients, and business connections to have a look at.  Everyone had the opportunity to leave a comment and vote on the design they felt was the best.  It was no surprise really, my winning designer had nailed it, with many who took the poll coming back to comment on ‘flying the coop’. Perfect, it was exactly what I was hoping to achieve and no, those whom I asked to take the poll didn’t know the detail about why I was wanting a new logo only that I was getting ready to launch a new phase in my business.

The winning logo, was incredible. It visually represented The VA Project. The “flying the coop” of the corporate world leaving the ‘grey’ behind moving into a vibrant ‘red‘ new beginning.

99designs has done an outstanding job and I am looking forward to my next design project with them.

VA Project no background

 What do you think of the logo? If you have a moment, please leave a comment below.