Creating an anchor point within a document is particularly handy if you are referring to a specific passage, table, picture or chapter in a second Word 2011 document.

So that your hyperlink can find the ‘anchor’ point in the second document you first need to create a bookmark in the document you want to link to.

To try this yourself, simply follow the video instruction or see the bullet points below.

Creating your anchor point

Now you are ready to create your hyperlink and have it open at a specific point in the second document

  • Open the document you wish to create the hyperlink in or create a new document
  • Double Click the word that you want to be the hyperlink or type your word and Double Click the word to highlight it
  • Click Insert
  • Click Hyperlink

The Insert Hyperlink screen will open and the word you have highlighted will appear by default in the Display field

  • Click Screen Tip to type a message to the user about what will happen when they click the link
  • Click the Document button
  • Click Select to choose the file you want to hyperlink to, once you pick the file you want, the path will appear in the Link to: field
  • Click in the Anchor field
  • Click Locate, the Select Place in Field window will open
  • Click the down arrow next to bookmark to reveal all bookmarks in your document
  • Select the Bookmark you want the document to open to
  • Click Okay