How to get your book ready for Kindle.How exciting it is when you type those final words to your much-loved book project. You’ve probably spent months writing your first business book and finally reached the point where you ready to self-publish and put your book on Kindle. So how many hours do you think you’ve already spent writing your book, 40, 60, 100? When you figure in your hourly rate, you’ll get an almighty shock when you realise how much your book project has cost you so far.

Let’s do a few sums, for example, your consulting rate is $100 per hour, and you’ve spent 60 hours over the past few months working on your next big thing.

That equates to $6,000 in hours of your time spent so far. 

It’s a bit of a shock isn’t it when you look at it like that. You’re in business, you charge a premium to your clients for their expertise, and while you’ve written your book, that’s $6,000 you’ve missed out on in revenue to your bottom line. It’s a gamble you’re prepared to take because you are expecting there will be a massive market for your book once finished and your ROI on all this time invested will be through the roof.  Nice thought; highly unlikely!!

5 Tips For Getting Your Book Kindle Ready

Continuing with the math, that’s 6k you need to ensure you recoup back in book sales, and you certainly won’t get that back if your Kindle book isn’t made for your target market. One of the biggest tips for getting your book Kindle ready is:

Know who your target market is and what makes them purchase.

You need to consider the following five points as part of your project layout.

  1. What colours resonate with them
  2. What graphics style works for them
  3. What terminology clicks with them
  4. What problem will your book solve
  5. What makes them click the buy button

Now, finding out this information can take you, at  $100 per hour another 40 hours of research. So far now, you’ve spent a total of $10,000 of your time on your book project, that you need to recoup in sales for you to break even to this point. That’s a huge hit to your bottom line and you still don’t have anything tangible to look at in the way of your book.

What makes me the expert? After project managing and publishing 38 books for clients on Amazon, I know what I’m talking about. The brief was to get the client’s books on Amazon as cost-effectively as possible. They had the raw material, an unformatted manuscript, they handed it over, the process was created and within 8 weeks, 38 books were on Amazon.

It’s always tempting to think; you can do this yourself, I’ll just knock it over in a few days and then it’s out of the way. But you and I both know it never works like this, thousands of dollars later and hundreds of hours of your time are wasted while you focus on something you don’t need to know how to do.

The solution is to have us help you by project managing the entire process. All we need from you is the manuscript. Find out how to save yourself thousands of dollars and hundreds of hour; get your copy of the Perfect 5 Step Process to publishing on Kindle and start working smarter.