You’ve heard that before?

During the middle of a pandemic, I created in conjunction with my sister and a dear friend of 30 years a web design business to compliment my current business offer. It was a natural progression for the three of us because we’ve been collaborating on many jobs over the last nine years.

Within the first 6 weeks, we had five websites to build, ranging from basic 5-page sites to full-on e-commerce websites. Needless to say, spending more of my time planning websites for others, I realised that I wanted to spend more time working on systems and processes.

Systems and processes have always been a part of my business but never was it why my clients hired me in the first place. They hired me for my business management skills and that, by default, included my skills with systems and processes. Not long after starting work with a client, I would be analysing how they did business and then offer up some new ways to do things for the better. I couldn’t help myself; it’s just the way I am.

Lighten the load for the win.

Scenario One

One of our clients has an amazing program, and it’s hugely successful for them. It was taking up so much of his time to run the program; he could lose hours. So I gave him the hours back. I simply suggested to him that he use his beautiful new website and the rest is history.

Scenario Two

A client was spending hours working in Xero. It was confusing for them and cumbersome. The biggest thing my client wanted was less stress, so I took the pressure off them.

The Solution

I suggested that he use his website to create a page where the clients’ could log in to access the information they needed. He recorded a video for it, we added in documents and next steps. Saving him hours and also giving a modern online aspect to their program.

The Solution

I reviewed what they were currently doing and created a streamlined process to aid their account processing. I found them a great bookkeeper for BAS and GST, and I streamlined the accounting and reconciliation process.

It’s the thrill of the chase that I love. So, after 64,000 hours in office administration and 30 years, I personally am no longer offering the EA for a Day side of my business. Since I decided to change my business direction, clients have referred clients who want their businesses revamped to improve their systems and processes. Ultimately this will give them more time with their clients because they aren’t stuck doing the stuff they don’t know how to or want to.  

I’m not a one-person band; because I can’t do it on my own. 

  • My sister, Anita looks after social media for my clients and is amazing at helping them with lead generation (she also has a Virtual Assistant business)
  • Laini who takes care of the EA side of JMJ – EA for a Day
  • My husband, Chris, who provides tech support locally to our hometown clients.

My message to you is that no matter how long you’ve been doing what you’re doing, it is never too late to take it up a notch and create something even more extraordinary for your clients.

Jacqui James Small Business Solutions Architect

Jacqui James has over 30 years experience in business administration, systems and processes. Offering a full end-to-end business solution for your business. To find out more about getting the help you need so you can spend more time with your clients, click here.

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