I love to read, or I should say I remember that I use to love to read.  When I was younger I constantly had my nose inside a book.  I have even been known to stand in front of the stove stirring a pot of something or other with my right hand while holding a book in my left.   I don’t think I would recommend doing that now, but back then, it was read where I could.

I miss the Sunday afternoons on the couch with a book by the fire in winter or in the warmer months; the pool lounge was my favourite destination.  I have also been known to be so relaxed while reading that I have to shut my eyes.

I guess like a lot of people I took the ability to be able to relax and enjoy a good book for granted.  Now when I so desperately want to sit and read I can’t.  Not because my eyesight is failing me but because my lifestyle has become so ridiculously busy.  There is no one else to blame, it’s all me; I’ll cop it on the chin, and my justification for that is I simply don’t have time to read anymore because it takes up too much time that I can’t afford.

I actually suggested to my son the other weekend that he should read a particular book.  His first response was, does it come in Audio.  I don’t know I said, “Okay I’ll Google it” was his response.   That got me thinking, why didn’t I think of that earlier.  Of course audio books!!

So from now on, it’s audio books for me all the way, I am a multi-tasker, and often am doing two or more things at once, so why not add ‘listening to audio books’ into the mix.

Life isn’t all work, work, work, it’s about balance and to achieve the balance that we crave we sometimes have to think outside what we are normally comfortable doing or indeed think outside the square.  So do audio books have a place in the office? I think yes, of course they do.  You need to be mindful of your environment and the type of work you are required to do; following your office safety procedures is paramount.

Want to find a good audio book … “Google it”