Self doubt gets the better of all of us from time to time and we often struggle day-to-day to find a better way to do things, both in our working and personal lives.  We’re all capable of working smarter rather than harder, but not all of us do, we either don’t know where to begin, it all sounds too hard, or working smarter is for the boss and after all they tell you what to do .. right?

Think about it, the boss is paid to think smarter that’s why he is the boss, right.  “NO”, that’s not how it should work at all.  An Executive Assistant is the boss,  for many EA’s they are the ones who tell the boss what to do, where to go (in the nicest possible way of course), who they are seeing and when, they write the reports, format the documents, manage the office administration and do all the wonderful things that are required to make the boss look good and save him or her time, and well blow me down  everyone praises the boss for the great job they have done and that is exactly what is suppose to happen.

You and I both know that you are the one who has done all the work, you are the unsung hero of the corporate world.  A super hero in the office without the tights and cape, it just doesn’t tick when you are not there and when someone comes in to replace you, the wheels turn a little slower until they get up to speed and pretty soon that office is again working smoothly and efficiently.

The Harvard Business Review published an article by Melba J. Duncan, CEO of the Duncan Group on ‘The Case for Executive Assistants‘, and there have been many blogs, stories and books published on how to become an EA or be a better one, or even how to be the boss and to be truthful, the only one I have read is the Harvard Business Review article.  When I developed my business  I created my own model.  I didn’t join any clubs, buy any lessons, purchase any how to books, simply because I already knew that stuff, it is called IP (Intellectual Property).

So next time you drag yourself out of bed to face the horrendous weather conditions, the over crowded trains, the crowded streets just to get to the office before your boss does.  Just remember, their office pivots around you; be proud of who you are, hold your head high, take a deep breath and walk into your office knowing that without you, their world would be a mess.  Take some solace in the fact that if you were to leave them tomorrow, you would in deed put a glitch on their radar.

The next time you hear some one say, but you’re just an EA or only an EA, don’t feel under valued, know that with out you, their world would stop, at least for a little while.