What an wonderful week I’ve had since I wrote my last note. Things are moving along at a fast rate, has my head stopped spinning, I don’t think so!

Taking the decision to start my own business was an enlightening one, but it didn’t come without a lot of questions, that I’m still not certain I have the answers to. Although, I can answer those I have below; perhaps in future notes I will share more with you and perhaps you might leave comment and let me know if you think I’m on the right track or lost the plot altogether:

  • Why didn’t I do this earlier?
  • What have I been affraid of?
  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • How do the bills get paid?
  • Am I nuts?

Let’s take the first bullet point, ‘Why didn’t I do this earlier?’ Oh I’d thought about it often enough and kept brushing it aside because I couldn’t answer any of the other questions that I had, but now I can.

So when I ask myself ‘What am I affraid of?’ I think I can honestly answer everything. Why wouldn’t I be, it’s a huge step to move from the idea of security and comfort to one of total nutness (is that even a word?) and abandonment of all that seems safe and secure.

The next question was easy enough to answer ‘ What if it doesn’t work?’ There are a few answers I can provide to this but for the sake of your sanity I’ll keep it brief. ‘Don’t burn your bridges’, Don’t cut off your nose dispite your face’. Two old sayings that are very true. As a highly professional EA, I never reveal confidences nor talk anyone down, it does no one any favours to be absorbed in negativity, most of all yourself.

The second last question was something I had pondered for a long time and only came to me through a network member on www.linkedin.com and that was. ‘Don’t quit your day job until you are absolutely certain that you can support yourself in your new venture’. Cha ching the penny dropped and I understood I could down scale from full time to part time, while I built up my consultancy business. I mean really it’s so simple but still the answer did not come to me with out a little help.

The last question, ‘Am I nuts’, yes you have to be, you have to continue to challenge yourself and and move outside the square and to do that, you sometimes have to be a tad on edge. It would be such a boring place if we were all the same and stayed in our own little stero typed roles.

Until my next note, I wish you all the success with your own ventures, what ever they may be.