Are you a feeling overwhelmed because your coaching business has stalled and you seem to be micromanaging everything? Do you wish to increase your cash flow and create more time to spend with your family?

Running a business is no mean feat. It requires dedication and commitment. It also needs you to be disciplined enough to know when to delegate. Sadly, many business owners are reluctant to hand over and sign off things to others. They experience anxiety because they believe that no one else can do the job better than they can. However, this takes away valuable time that they could be using to grow the business.

I have identified four main things that SME business owners do that will not help them grow their coaching business. Are you guilty of any one of these things?

1.  Handling Clients by Yourself

There is absolutely no need to re-invent the wheel when it’s already been done. I have a created a Client Management System that’s designed to simplify your client management experience. Use this innovative CRM Management Services to build revenue and engage with your target market.

As your business grows, keeping track through Mailchimp may prove to be more time consuming than you originally thought. I’m excited about the CRM system that we have built because it can significantly help you to increase revenue. Maintain and create new relationships with your market, promote your material to an audience that’s already interested in your work, all from the comfort of your office. Jacqui James, I can help you create and manage your coaching client list efficiently.

2.  Handling Your Schedule by Yourself

Do you have the time to maintain your busy schedule? It’s a fine balancing act, booking times for clients, booking meeting rooms and venues, then sending reminders and follow ups.

Working as a coach means operating on a tight schedule. You have to be show up at the right place at the right time, for the right client. Surprisingly, people do show up late, too early or not at all or even, at the wrong venue. If you’re the type of coach who has experienced this, there is help.

There is a solution, we’ve been managing client diary stuff at JMJ for over 8 years, and I have been personally managing diaries for over 30.

3.  Handling Administrative Stuff by Yourself

All good businesses have systems and processes. It provides a solid foundation and pathway to ensure growth for your coaching business.

Failing to have such structures in place is the leading reason why many business coaches find themselves getting confused with the next steps they need to take in their busines.

If you don’t know what systems and processes you need, but you’re sick of treading water I’ll guide you through figuring out the will help you need to help you achieve the growth you want.

4. Handling Social Media by Yourself

You only have to look at these 2019 social media statistics to know that your coaching business should be using social media.

Is it the best use of your time to be managing your social media platforms yourself? No, it takes too much time.

We have the necessary skills to engage your social media followers and help you grow your following. With regular postings, we help you build and establish your brand online. Even if you don’t have any profiles yet, we can get you set up and manage the accounts, leaving you time to build your business strategically, meet prospective clients by networking and spend more time with your family. All you need to do is click here.

Have you been spending precious time doing everything by yourself? Keen to grow your business, increase sales, and find more clients? Get in touch with me and I’ll see how we can best help you.

Who Am I?

My name is Jacqui James, the visionary behind JMJ – EA for a Day. My passion is helping both ministry and business coaches, grow their businesses. I’m their solutions architect, and I provide them with systems and structures that simplifies their business administration.